‘Magna Cart’ Personal Luggage Cart

‘Magna Cart’ Personal Luggage Cart

The Magna Cart is rugged like a hand truck yet folds more compactly than most luggage cart – just 2 inches thick -thanks to the retractable wheels. Use it at home to carry in the groceries, at the office to move heavy boxes, or at a railway station to help with multiple pieces of luggage. You never know when you’ll need a Magna Cart, which is why many folks keep it handy in their car boot. It Opens and closes in seconds – no assembly required.

  • Extends to 39″ tall (99 cm)
  • Compacts to 25″ tall (63 cm) and 2.5″ thick (6 cm) – Easily fits into the Airline cabin overhead locker
  • 15″ wide (38 cm) aluminum base plate  
  • Telescoping aluminum frame.
  • Weighs just 3.2 kgs
  • Load capacity: 68 kg

Why we like it?: Ever wondered if you could fix wheels onto the heavy boxes and bags and pull them around easily when at the railway station like you would do at the airport? I have. The search for a personal luggage cart that’s compact enough to be carried along while travelling, ended here.

Price: Rs.7,600 – 9,000

How to buy?: Cart2India – The best selling model – MCX (9k), The more affordable model – MCI (7.6k)