‘Bonita Spacio’ Space Saver for Washing Machines

‘Bonita Spacio’ Space Saver for Washing Machines

Don’t we all just crave for that space; for easy organization and storage?

Why we like it? : We are always on the look out to save space and yet constantly wonder how and where do we place the essentials or miscellaneous items? The Bonita Spacio Space Saver for Washing Machines is a boon for those with confined spaces. It is a vertical space saver and can be used with all kinds of washing machines. It can be adjusted and expanded as per the height and width of the washing machine. There are two vertical shelves to store the miscellaneous items like washing powder, fabric softner, etc. You can definitely save on getting cabinets or shelves made separately for the storage. There are leveling screws to level the rack with the floor. Go get it if you need some extra space.

If you need help with assembling this Spacio Space Saver, here’s the video.

Price: Rs.2,299

How to buy?:  Snapdeal